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What really delays construction projects?

Manage drawings, reports, specifications, emails, RFI’s, change notes, memos without error. Achieve quality effortlessly with automated workflows. Collaborate with consultants any time from a laptop or smartphone. Work far more efficiently with far less effort. Satisfy clients with immediate and accurate reports. Plan, execute, course-correct – smartly.

New! For architects, design firms, and engineering consultants/departments (with or without an ERP system), here’s a super-effective way to optimize your manpower across running and upcoming projects!

WRENCH SMARTPROJECT is the world’s most advanced engineering and construction project management software. It allows you to manage projects online and in real-time, keeping them running smoothly despite changes, delays, or setbacks.

Take control of your project

As an owner, how much do you really know about your project?

You need to know the status of the project, or progress of the project, and whether it is meeting your specifications. To help you get this information WRENCH SMARTPROJECT provides a platform on which you can define the project quality plan (which defines the process and procedures by which you execute your project), and the roles of people who are associated with the project ie their responsibilities and their schedules.

Once the project is initiated, the system notifies the concerned person about his responsibilities. When people work through the system, it automatically captures the output that is produced, which defines the specification of the work that they have done. And so you can look through the information to get to know whether it meets your specification or not. As the work happens, the system automatically captures the status of the work done. Based on that you get to know the progress of the project.

So WRENCH SMARTPROJECT provides a collaborative platform and a project control system integrated into one system, so that you get to know that you are in control of your project.

EPC Contractors:
Deliver your projects on time

As a contractor, how do you complete your project on time?

As a contractor, to ensure that you are able to deliver your project on time you need to prevent any kind of rework, and (for this) you have to use the right documentation for construction and procurement. WRENCH SMARTPROJECT enables you to do that by giving you access to only to the latest information and ensures that you use only the approved drawings for construction, as well as (only) approved specifications for procurement, by ensuring the quality management procedure.

Regarding monitoring the project: engineering inputs come in from consultants and shop drawings are produced by you (to be approved by the consultant) so keeping track of the responsibilities of each person along the flow of information between the contractor and the customer as well as consultant will ensure that you are able to track it, and ensure that you get the respective inputs approved on time so that you can go ahead with the construction. Similarly, with the specifications approved, you can go ahead with the procurement.

Also WRENCH SMARTPROJECT enables you to track your construction by integrating with your ERP as well as by capturing the status of construction from the (construction) site. So that as an integrated EPC (contractor) you can monitor the progress of your construction in real time.

So WRENCH SMARTPROJECT is an integrated system which will help you to ensure that there are no mistakes, and it monitors your deliverables so that you are able to deliver your project on time.

Engineering & design firms:
Deliver the best quality designs

As an engineering consultant, how do you keep your customers happy?

As an engineering consultant, you keep your customers happy by giving them the best quality designs in the time committed. This can be delivered through WRENCH SMARTPROJECT by defining your organisation’s quality management procedure, which aims at delivering the best quality designs to your end-customer. This is enforced via procedures and processes and checklists (which are followed by your organisation) to consistently deliver high quality design that can be enforced through the system.

The second important thing is to deliver it on time.

To deliver it, you need to monitor it. So you define the different stakeholders that are involved in working on the deliverable and make sure that everybody has their schedule, and you keep tracking their schedule against the progress that is achieved. You monitor, and if there is any corrective action to be taken because of any delay, you make those corrective actions and you inform the concerned resource about it. Through this, through real time monitoring of the deliverable, you can deliver your project on time.

So WRENCH SMARTPROJECT is an effective way to ensure that you satisfy your customer by giving them what they need.

Exceed your client's expectations

As a PMC (project management consultant), how do you meet your client’s expectations?

As a PMC you are required to ensure that all the projects stakeholders work as per the specification defined by the customer. In WRENCH SMARTPROJECT, you can define the project quality plan which specifies the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders, and it will ensure that the specifications produced by all the stakeholders are available inside the system, and it goes through the various people as per the process.

For a PMC this information can be reviewed, and they can ensure that the specifications are exactly met. As WRENCH SMARTPROJECT is also a collaboration system, the data that is captured by different stakeholders is available inside the system so they can make sure that the specifications are exactly met.

The second important thing for a PMC is to monitor the project. Now as WRENCH SMARTPROJECT automatically captures the status, this information can be used so that in case there are any delays in the project they can immediately take corrective action and communicate back to the respective stakeholder. And so they can catch up on the plan and deliver their deliverables on time, and the project doesn’t get delayed.

So WRENCH SMARTPROJECT becomes a very effective platform to help a PMC meet customer expectations.

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Keep clients happy

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will be rolling out WRENCH SMARTPROJECT on two super-critical power projects of 1,320 MW each.

Vatika Group switches to cloud-based WRENCH SMARTPROJECT as its enterprise project management system.

TOYO Engineering implements cloud-based project management system WRENCH SMARTPROJECT on three projects, which are running in India.

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